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The Highest Quality Ingredients, Delivered

Generichem has been serving the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries with quality ingredients since 1976. Our active and inactive ingredients are compliant with global standards: USP, NF, FCC, EP and ACS. We represent the finest producers of pharmaceutical products, nutritional products and excipients worldwide, exceeding the highest international standards.

All products are shipped in original manufacturer’s containers and supplied with an original Certificate of Analysis.  Product liability insurance is provided to cover all products.

Our commitment is to focus on each customer's requirements comprehensively, addressing technical and budgetary issues, regulatory matters and quality assurance.

425 Main Road, Suite 2  |  Towaco, NJ 07082  |  ​Tel: 973-256-9266  |  ​Fax: 973-256-0069  |  ​

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