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EXCIPIENTS | Processing Aids

Generichem offers a broad range of cost-saving excipients to the pharmaceutical and nutritional markets. Our binders, disintegrates, lubricants and fillers are produced internationally and distributed globally. Excipients are a necessary component in the production of pharmaceutical and nutritional products, ensuring efficacy, safety, stability, storage, and enabling enhanced functionality. As representatives of manufacturers and producers of high quality excipients for 40 years, our technical knowledge and experience guarantees complete customer satisfaction.
  • Representing Manufacturers and Producers of Fine Quality Products 
  • Broad Range of Products including: Binders, Disintegrants, Lubricants and Fillers- Extensive Technical Knowledge of Solid State Formulation
  • Products Produced by Multinationals with Global Distribution
  • Exhibitor at AAPS, CPhI and ExcipientFest
  • Active Member IPEC, AAPS and Regional Technical Associations

425 Main Road, Suite 2  |  Towaco, NJ 07082  |  ​Tel: 973-256-9266  |  ​Fax: 973-256-0069  |  ​

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